The book keddah is a bibliography of elephant related texts across multiple disciplines. You can search through the bibliography by ITEM or TAG. ITEM refers to any word that is contained within the reference (i.e. author name, publication year, article name). TAG filters references according to subject (i.e., cognition, musth), discipline (i.e. ecology, history), or more specific references to the paper’s content.

Some of the references will have the option to download the full text, or the few select pages that make reference to the text

This bibliography is hosted through Zotero. It is still very much a work in progress, with limited references, spelling and format errors, and an interface that is still less than optimal. If you would like to browse through Elephant hub’s bibliography on more functional interface and with access to abstracts and notes, follow this link to the Zotero Elephant Hub group. Compiling the Asian Elephant Library is a big project that needs support. If you would like to join the Zotero group and  contribute to developing this library, contact us.