The Elephant Collaborative is maintained by researchers interested in elephants and especially the human-elephant relationship. We believe that in the 21st century it is impossible to talk about elephant behaviour and habitat distinct from their interconnection with humans. Both species are, for better or for worse, “entangled”. The Elephant Collaborative website was established to communicate and explore new ideas about elephants and the human-elephant relationship that challenges conventional ways of thinking.

The Elephant Collaborative is not exclusive. That means it is for all things elephant. For all researchers and experts engaged with elephants. From biologists to anthropologists. Ecologists to philosophers. Geneticists to zookeepers. And conservationists to elephant camp operators. We want to have elephant experts communicate across disciplines. But also to all people interested in elephants.

The Elephant Collaborative is home to four main initiatives. The content for these initiatives will be contributed by elephant researchers, experts, and enthusiasts. Learn more about our four projects here

How can we think about human-elephant relations?

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